Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Love a Parade

Today is the annual City of Hyattsville Parade. It's the 124th anniverary of the founding of our city. You never know what the weather will be and today the rain began the spit a little about the time the parade started. It's an election year and a lot of the politicians who are running for office in our county are in the parade, shaking hands with the city residents and passing out their flyers.

What is the coolest thing about this parade? It comes down the street, right in front of our house! Politicians, local city officials (the mayor and members of the city council), county officials (House of Delegate representatives, Maryland General Assembly members and Registrar of Wills [that's an interesting job]), civic groups and matching bands, just to name a few.

In honor of my children who were not able to attend this parade this year, I took quite a few pictures so they could get the flavor of the parade. In past years as they were growing up, some of them were in the parade at various times.
Mounted Police and the flags

Here's the Greenbelt Dog Training group who are regulars in the parade.
Waiting for the parade to start up again.
Check out the big dog on the roof of the car
Northwestern High School Marching Band - this band has grown into a very successful high school marching band (more polished than when my children were in high school and they are always fun to watch.

Here come the drummers!

Of course, we have our fire trucks and ambulances, police cars and garbage trucks represented. Our police force even has police personnel in the parade on their Segways! We always have a military presence and the Junior ROTC represented. McGruff the Dog is also a participant.

As you can see, we have a large group of classic cars every year. This year, some of the residents wanted to have a Prius car entry, but they apparently couldn't get their act together to get enough vehicles to participate - maybe next year.
This is our Mayor, Bill Gardiner.

A local Harley Davidson Motorcyle Group - this crew was really noisy.
Here's the Hyattsville Mount Rainier and Brentwood Boys and Girls Club.

This year there is a 3 day festival with a carnival at Magruder Park. Normally, I would walk down to the park and get my favorite funnel cake as a treat. Alas, that is not happening this year (but I will say there has been one benefit to the knee surgery - I've lost 8 lbs- so much for the funnel cake).

Of course, it is one week past my knee surgery so I was sitting on my front porch, not at the end of the walk where I normally sit (which means I didn't get any of the candy that is thrown out as the politicians walk by). But I was impressed that a number of them actually walked up to me on the stoop, shook hands and gave me their campaign materials - I guess the crutches had an effect on them.

Isn't it great to live in a small town?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Now That I Have Some Free Time, I Guess I'll Post Something.....

I recently turned 60 and things have gone downhill since that day. Just kidding - we had a birthday celebration with lots of close friends and it was catered by The Omelette Man who created made-to-order omelettes for the guests, and served up crepes for dessert. Everyone had a great time, and it was so nice not to have to worry about food preparation. It did this for my 50th birthday also. Now, I'm not promising the same thing for the big 70.

Yesterday (April 16) I celebrated the day after filing our 2009 tax return (of which we paid Uncle Sam a pretty penny) by having knee surgery. Alas, there appears to be more damage than we previously thought and that may necessitate further surgery down the road (but as far as I'm concerned it will be way down the road). Anyway, I'll discuss that with the doctor on my visit with him Thursday. I'll be home for a month and have plans to catch up on some projects - cleaning, jigsaw puzzles, sewing, reading, just to name a few. All in good time - I need to spend some time recovering and I plan on taking it easy before I tackle those lofty goals.

I had another goal, which I'm not sure I'll attempt right now, but maybe in the near future. I have two collections - penguins and cookbooks. I have over 125 cookbooks and find I'm always interested in perusing new ones at they are published. I recently bought The Pioneer Woman's Cookbook and Worldwide Ward Cookbook. And then I looked in my pantry, which is full of various food stuffs (cans, boxes, bottles, etc). Then I had this epihany. Using the vast number of cookbooks I have, I should be able to create some glorious recipes from the things already in my pantry. So, at some point, I'll be putting the cookbooks to the test. I'm not making promises on when this will happen, but just the idea of it is quite intriguing to me. We have far too much food in the pantry for a family of two. Maybe I can start in a few weeks when Kim and her family arrive from England for a visit. Kim, if you are reading this, make sure you let me know if there is something you don't like to eat (although you have always been the best eater of my three daughters - willing to try most things put in front of you.

Hope this post makes sense -these pain pills haven't helped me on my usually perfect spelling. So, forgive me readers if you catch a misspelling. Only one more day of heavy pain meds and then I'll be back to normal.